ITP100 Assignments & Resources Page
Lab1 Specifications
Student Files and Resources
* * * Bonus * * * Calendar.exe
Chapter 2.pptx
Chapter 4.pptx
Demo Lab1.jar  (Completed Example)
Chapter 3.pptx
Chapter 6.pptx
Chapter 7.pptx
Projects & Labs
Chapter 8.pptx
Study (Review) Exam Topics. (Version 2.4.1)
Greenfoot Book-Scenarios2  21 MB .zip
Newest Powerpoint Files
Chapter 9.pptx
Chapter 10.pptx
Chapter 11.pptx
ITP100 Syllabus (Fall, 2017 evening)
Lab2 Specifications
Self-Quiz (Chapter 1 & 2).doc
Lab2Demo.jar   (completed) (starter file)
Week 2 Number Systems convert.doc
Robot Command Language.doc
Greenfoot_Mac OSX (Version 2.4.2)
Lab3 Specifications
Demo Lab3.jar  (completed)
Pseudo code.doc (populate method)
Crab Projects My Modified.ppt
Lab4 Specifications
Demo Lab4.jar   (completed w/ Ex. Credit)
Pseudo code (for Lab 4).pdf
if Worksheet (in class exercises).doc
Self-Quiz (Chapter 4).doc
Lab5 Specifications
Demo Lab5.jar   (Piano Out Of Tune)
Quiz Piano Simulation.doc
Piano Crossword Review.doc
4a.wav (one piano note)
oot.wav (one piano note)
fabulous.wav ("fabulous" voice file)
ITP 100 Notes for Concatenation
Lab6 Specifications
Demo Lab6.jar (partially incomplete game)
Lab6b Specifications
Demo Lab 6b.jar (with extra Credit)
Lab7 Specifications (PSVM String[] args)
DrJava.exe (easy IDE for Java try this one first!)
JGrasp204_03.exe (Java IDE installation file)
Final Exam Review Questions