CSC210 Assignments & Resource Page
Student Files and Resources
(at TCC)
* * * Bonus * * * Calendar.exe
7z1602_x64,exe (unpacks 7z files)
CSC_210_Grading Rubric.docx
CodeBlocks 16.01 with mingw compiler (all book files)
Turbo C++ (Mac Version)
CodeBlocks 13.12  (Mac Version)
Lab1 Specifications
Exam Resources
C++ Look Fors
fraction.h (header file)
fractionIn.txt (mandatory input file)
Lab2 Specifications (Circle, Cylinder, & Sphere)
CircleType.h (used in Lab 2)
CylinderType.h (used in Lab 2)
SphereType.h (used in Lab 2)
ccsInput.txt (data used in Lab 2)
Mid-Term Quiz Link
CSC210 Mid Term Study Sheet.rtf
Lab3 Specifications (Circular Linked List)
CircInput.txt (Josephus data)
CircList.h (header specifications)
Lab3 Starter