These .apk files are all free public domain apps.  Please send any feedback to Mr. Jeff
Goldstein, Virginia Beach ( ).  All files are written in M.I.T.'s App Inventor as
public domain, in hopes of making useful Android Apps through modern technology.
Downloadable Android Apps Links
Please download any of these FREE Android Apps directly to your SmartPhone. Enjoy!
Quadratic Factoring Game.apk
VB Can I make a --- Final Exam Calculator.apk
Rocket Safe Go/NoGo.apk
VBCPS Grade Calculator.apk
Safety Officer's App.  You input the Newton-Secs and get max safe rocket weight for 5:1 Thrust : Weight
Steve's concept of practicing factoring through a game of random problems.  Checks your algebra skills.
Calculate what you need on the Final Exam to make a certain grade ( such as a 93   A )
Input Semester I, Qtr 3, Qtr 4, & Final Exam Grades.  Calculates your Course Grade using 2013 VB rules.
Area Of a Triangle.apk
Geo Location.apk
Count Down Clock with Buzzer.apk
Set the seconds, clock counts down, rings buzzer when 0 is reached.
Simple triangle area calculator.  Give it Base and Height, Click, & displays correct area.
Computes your current location (Latitude/Longitude) by cell towers or GPS.
High-Low Game.apk
Multiply Two Numbers.apk
Magic 8-Ball (talking version).apk
My Calculator.apk
Traditional Fortune Telling with an Android Twist.  Talks and displays your (vague) Yes/No answers.
Cool game of High-Low.  Computer generates number between 1 - 100.  You guess #.  Great Fun!
Calculator (simple) for just two numbers.  A nice programming tutorial!
Calculator (+ - * / ) calculates the sum, difference, product, and quotient, simultaneously.
Area Of a Rectangle.apk
Simple rectangle area calculator.  Give it Length and Width, Click, & displays correct area.
Algebra Slope Distance Midpoint.apk
Input 2 points, results in Algebra Slope, Distance between the points, and the Midpoint calculation.
Calculates the Experimental Density of Rocket Fuel in lbs. / square inch.
A Rocket Guy's Dream:  Input the Total Thrust, Outputs % Thrust for classes A through P
Uses smartphone GPS to get Bearing and Range for locating a lost rocket.  Guided walk down bearing line!
Rocket Apps Section
Fun Section
Tracks/accumulates fuel consumption, total cost, etc.  Dedicated to Skip Cutting, rocket buddy.
Your smartphone in your rocket texts you its position on Google Maps.  Then walk to your rocket!!
TrackerV7 apk (feet accuracy)
Input Semester I, Qtr 3, Qtr 4, & Final Exam Grades.  Calculates your Course Grade using 2013 VB rules.
Determine the accuracy of the GPS Chip in your Smart Phone.
TrackerV7.1.apk (meters accuracy)