Mr. Goldstein, Cox High School, Virginia Beach, VA
Mr. Jeff Goldstein
Jeff Goldstein
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Interesting Applets I've Made
Cox High School Web Site
Cool Planetary Motion
(click/drag ...hours of fun!!!) (Web Page)
Virginia SOL (J-Lab) Test
Top Right: PAMS Panther 6 launched 5/7/2011. 11'  50 lb.  rocket
reached 4,864' on M1315W.  Most powerful motor ever launched
at Fentress NALF.  See the updated video, Panther6 ( This page was
last updated on  09/15/2014 )
Jeff's 3rd & 4th (successful L2 attempt) Whitakers, NC 4/25/04.  I was very happy! :-)
May 7, 2007 Princess Anne MS Rocket Club's 3rd launch on L1150R at Fentress (2825 feet reported)
SEVRA (S.E. Va Rocket Assn)
Geometer's Sketchpad Applets
AP Computer Science (Cox HS)
Panthr1 5-20-06 13MB
Panthr3 5/5/07 12MB
Panthr2 9-16-06 13MB
TCC ITP100 Course Files
Jeff's Level 3 Certification on 60 pound Nike Smoke (3,725 feet)
PinkPnth4 4-08 (32MB)
CamRoc2 Swamp 10MB
Jeff's Level 3 Cert  20MB
CamRoc Concrete 10MB
Black Powder Calc.exe
CamRoc3 Rokn 15MB
CamRoc4 Mile hi16MB
Panthr5 6-6-09(52MB)
Panther 6 Launch at Fentress on M1315 (Most powerful ever)
Mirage Picture Show
Boost Glider Video
Phobos I300T $8 cam 72MB
Lil John Mile High  $8 cam 78MB
Phobos J500G cam 81MB
stuck 70' up in a tree
Lil John J1299 Warp 36MB
My CiCiBoost Glider onBoardVideo
Panthr6 5-7-11(36MB)
Panthr6 Split Screen
Computer Programming(Cox HS)
Financial Management (Cox HS)
TCC  Classes / Downloads:
Virginia SOL(Techno. Enhance)
Android Apps
W&M STEM Conf 11/8
Triangulate 2.1 (Zip file)